centillion: a document search engine

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We're excited to announce the public release of centillion, a document search engine.

centillion is a search tool that can be used by any individual or organization to index Github repositories (including the content of markdown files), Google Drive folders (including the content of .docx files), and Disqus comment threads.

centillion is tested using Travis CI.

centillion was originally written for the NIH Data Commons effort (which recently concluded). centillion was built to facilitate information-finding in a project with hundreds of people at dozens of institutions generating a sea of email threads, Google Drive folders, markdown files, websites, and Github repositories.

centillion provided a single comprehensive way of searching across All The Things and earned the author many thanks from members across the Data Commons. It is the author's hope that centillion can prove equally useful for other organizations.

Under the hood centillion uses Flask (a web server microframework) and Whoosh (a Python-based search engine tool).

You can get a copy of the latest centillion release here: https://github.com/dcppc/centillion

You can find the latest centillion documentation here: http://nih-data-commons.us/centillion/

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