Rubiks Cube

Notes and experiments with Rubiks Cubes, 3x3 and 4x4.




Rubiks Cube Basics


Rubiks Cube Basics

Demonstration of how to create and manipulate virtual Rubiks Cubes.




Generating Permutations for Cube Rotations


Knuth's Algorithm M

Using Knuth's Algorithm M to generate permutations of moves, and find rotational duplicates.




Counting Cube Permutations


Counting Permutations

Using some combinatorics to count the number of permutations on the Rubik's Cube.




Counting Cycles


Counting Cycles

Applying a sequence repeatedly to a cube will eventually result in a solved cube - always. This uses virtual cubes to analyze the number of times a sequence of moves must be applied to return a solved cube back to solved state.