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Copying LetsEncrypt Certs Between Machines

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A quick post that details a useful operation: copying LetsEncrypt certificates from one machine to another.

(We also cover our use case: setting up certificates for private VPN networks that use public DNS entries.)

HTTPS, SSL Certificates, and LetsEncrypt

As a bit of background, the whole reason this is necessary, the whole reason we are dealing with the hassle of setting up SSL certificates, is to enable end-to-end encrypted connections to a server.

For example …

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What Does Stunnel Do?

Stunnel is a tool for creating SSL tunnels between a client and a server.

Creating SSL connections is a general task that is very useful. In particular, any packet of any protocol can always be wrapped in an additional SSL layer, with packets embedded within packets, so this means you can wrap arbitrary traffic protocols in SSL using Stunnel.

Stunnel requires …

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