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Charlesreid1.com Stack

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This post is a preview of a series of posts to come, which will document the process of containerizing the entire charlesreid1.com website.

We will run through a lot of different moving parts and how to get them all working:

  • Multiple domains and subdomains pointing to different services
  • Docker pod for all services
  • Nginx + SSL
  • Reverse proxies via nginx
  • Apache + MySQL + MediaWiki
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Gitea
  • Configuration files under version control
  • Data managed with backup/restore scripts and cron jobs
  • Static content under version control
  • Files server
  • Management LAN

All of the code for doing this is in docker …

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What Does Stunnel Do?

Stunnel is a tool for creating SSL tunnels between a client and a server.

Creating SSL connections is a general task that is very useful. In particular, any packet of any protocol can always be wrapped in an additional SSL layer, with packets embedded within packets, so this means you can wrap arbitrary traffic protocols in SSL using Stunnel.

Stunnel requires …

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