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A list of various ongoing projects:

The Git College of Surgery:

Python + APIs:

  • building an API that calls APIs so you can API while you API (a webhook that calls a hook - see captain hook)
  • testing APIs with Python + requests (currently top secret, coming soon.)

Python + Command line:

  • command line utilities with python
  • testing command line utilities with python

More stuff:

  • magic flying camel is a seed repository for getting started with a simple Jekyll page on Github Pages

  • magic flying pelican is a seed repository for getting started with a simple Pelican blog on Github Pages

The rise of the mind machines:

Each software package in the mind machine suite follows (or will follow) the prime number version system:

PyPi and Dockerhub:

  • Rainbow mind machine software packages are requiring a more streamlined deployment process
  • Makefiles are in progress

how do i pandoc

how do i pelican - a crash course in building a pelican blog

mkdocs search demo a quick pop-up site demonstrating how to use the built-in search functionality of mkdocs-material and lunr.js to index a pile of markdown files containing interesting links.

captain hook - we have already mentioned captain hook several times, but this is the magic that makes possible.

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