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Teaching Recursion with the N Queens Problem

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A Gentle Introduction to Recursion

Recursion, particularly recursive backtracking, is far and away the most challenging topic I cover when I teach the CSE 143 (Java Programming II) course at South Seattle College. Teaching the concept of recursion, on its own, is challenging: the concept is a hard one to encounter in everyday life, making it unfamiliar, and that creates a lot of friction when students try to understand how to apply recursion.

The …

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Python vs. Perl: N Queens Problem

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Revisiting the N queens problem, this time implementing the solution in Python.

Verb-oriented solution, functional, and based on Perl solution

More fair comparison - both are interpreted languages, not compiled languages

Compare Python and Perl, ease of implementation, speed, flexibility

N Queens Problem

As a recap from the last post …

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Perl vs. Java: N Queens Problem

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In this post, we describe an implementation of the N Queens Problem, which is a puzzle related to optimization, combinatorics, and recursive backtracking. The puzzle asks: how many configurations are there for placing 8 queens on a chessboard such that no queen can attack any othr queen?

This problem was implemented in Perl and in …

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