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Incorporating Terraform Commands into Makefiles

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This blog post covers a useful pattern for incorporating terraform commands into a Makefile.

This is useful for cases where terraform is being used to manage infrastructure. In the end you will be able to run a command like

make plan-infra
make deploy-infra

and and have this call the …

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Automatically Generating Up-To-Date requirements.txt for Python Projects

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In this post, we cover a pattern for automatically generating a requirements.txt file that has the latest compatible versions of required software, and that specifies the full and exact version of each package to make the Python environment reproducible.

This will turn a requirements input file (called requirements.txt.in for example) that looks like


into a requirements file that specifies the exact version of numpy and all dependencies, like

numpy==1.18 …

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Better Timing of Guava Traveling Salesperson Problem Code: Timing Scripts

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Before We Begin: The Code

Note that all of the code discussed/shown in this post is available from the traveling salesperson problem repository on git.charlesreid1.com. The guava/ directory contains the guava solution to the traveling salesperson problem, along with the timing scripts discussed below, and several example output files.


Timing a piece …

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