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D3 Calendar Visualizations

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Starting example

Let's begin with a D3 example. Mike Bostock provided a Calendar View block illustrating how to draw a very interesting visualization of large amounts of data over time:

You might recognize this type of graph from Github, whose activity graph shows the same visualization.

The data shown in this example consists of several years of stock market data. It is a simple but very large data set, with each data …

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Project Euler Problem 172

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Overview: Problem 172

How many 18-digit numbers \(n\) (without leading zeros) are there such that no digit occurs more than three times in \(n\)?

Link to Project Euler Problem 172


Project Euler Problem 172 is your classic Project Euler problem: short, simple, and overwhelmingly complicated.

To nail this one, it's important to start simple - very simple. What I'll do is walk through the process of …

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Let's Generate Permutations!

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Generating Permutations

In today's post we're going to discuss the generation of permutations.

Often, in combinatorics problems, we are interested in how many different instances or configurations of a particular thing we can have (what we'll call "enumeration" or "counting"). However, that is different from wanting to actually see all of those configurations. Indeed, if we are counting something with an astronomical number of configurations, we don't want to try to list all of them.

However, as usual, Donald Knuth, who covers the topic of permutation generation in Volume 4A of his classic work, The Art of Computer Programming, uncovers …