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Michel Foucault on Exams

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Am currently working my way through Foucault's Security, Territory, and Population, a collection of transcribed thoughts from the early 1970s and lecture notes from a series of lectures Foucault gave at the Collége de France in the late 1970s (1977-1978).

Also see Security, Territory, Population on Wikipedia.

Here's a quote from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy talking about an aspect of Foucault's study of institutions of authority:

The results of exams are recorded in documents that provide detailed information about the individuals examined and allow power systems to control them (e.g., absentee records for schools, patients’ charts in hospitals). On the basis of these records, those in control can formulate categories, averages, and norms that are in turn a basis for knowledge. The examination turns the individual into a “case”—in both senses of the term: a scientific example and an object of care. Caring is always also an opportunity for control.

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List of Ongoing Things

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A list of various ongoing projects:

The Git College of Surgery:

Python + APIs:

  • building an API that calls APIs so you can API while you API (a webhook that calls a hook - see captain hook)
  • testing APIs with Python + requests (currently top secret, coming soon.)

Python + Command line:

  • command line utilities with python
  • testing command line utilities with python

More stuff:

  • magic flying camel is a seed repository for getting started with a simple Jekyll page on Github Pages

  • magic flying pelican is a seed repository for getting started with a simple Pelican blog on Github Pages

The rise of the mind machines:

Each software package in the mind machine suite follows (or will follow) the prime number version system:

PyPi and Dockerhub:

  • Rainbow mind machine software packages are requiring a more streamlined deployment process
  • Makefiles are in progress

how do i pandoc

how do i pelican - a crash course in building a pelican blog

mkdocs search demo a quick pop-up site demonstrating how to use the built-in search functionality of mkdocs-material and lunr.js to index a pile of markdown files containing interesting links.

captain hook - we have already mentioned captain hook several times, but this is the magic that makes possible.

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This post is a preview of a series of posts to come, which will document the process of containerizing the entire website.

We will run through a lot of different moving parts and how to get them all working:

  • Multiple domains and subdomains pointing to different services
  • Docker pod for all services
  • Nginx + SSL
  • Reverse proxies via nginx
  • Apache + MySQL + MediaWiki
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Gitea
  • Configuration files under version control
  • Data managed with backup/restore scripts and cron jobs
  • Static content under version control
  • Files server
  • Management LAN

All of the code for doing this is in docker/pod-charlesreid1, in particular in the docker-compose.yml file.

The big switchover took nearly a month, but it was relatively seamless, and only required one false start and a few minutes of downtime.

For now, check out the readme at docker/pod-charlesreid1. More details to come.

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